New Zealand Study Group


Our Aim for the New Zealand 4th Way Study Group


The New Zealand study group has been in existence for almost two years. During that time we have covered a wide variety of topics, exercises, tasks and themes. Included among them: aim, personality and essence, reasoning, energies, selfhood, chief feature, triads and the law of threefoldness, inner exercises from Gurdjieff, and much more. With several new participants we are currently ingaged in something of a recapitulation of what we understand.

This recapitulation or starting over is something that we do on a regular basis to question our evolving understanding of this Work. Even after 40 years of study it is remarkable how much one can learn through this process of starting over. Our current focus in this regard is laying out a basic psychology and cosmology for "normal man", seeing how far from normal most of us are, and how we can close this gap. The image below give an illustration of the type of material we are considering